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Online commerce is offline’s commerce perfect version. Not only it offers comfort and flexibility to your client, but also it’s the perfect tool for any business that want to offer their services and products beyond geographical limits.

An online store has lower product/services marketing costs than the classic offline marketing, since audience targeting is done with a surgical precision.

Weather we talk about eCommerce services using platforms like Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, ZenCart, WordPress, eBay or Amazon, or online credit card processors like PayPal, Google Checkout, Skrill or Stripe, we will always chose the best solution for your business. Our programmers will always be there to synchronize your accounting system or order processing CRM, with any of the above eCommerce systems

We offer complete eCommerce solutions starting with competitor analyse, branding, web development, marketing strategies and implementation. We will make sure your company gets the best results by monitoring and improving key metrics, every day, 7 days / week.

Weather you just need to improve your current online store sales, or you simply want to improve your company’s online brand awareness, our team of experts is here to deliver the best results.

  • online store experts: starting with an in depth industry and competitors analyse, choosing the right eCommerce platform, developing custom software to ensure the perfect mix between the offline and online worlds, and ending with marketing strategies and campaign monitoring, we’ll know how to create and follow your company’s online development road map
  • vast repertoire: we learn and improve our eCommerce skills daily so we can work with the latest technologies like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, ZenCart and PrestaShop. Ofcourse we know how to integrate any of the above with Facebook, eBay or Amazon stores. But our work wouldn’t be complete, if we couldn’t sync all the above platforms with POS systems like QuickBooks or LightSpeed
  • robust systems: we develop custom solutions that will pass the most difficult test of all - time. Every online store has to be fast but also store a lot of data, that is why, whenever we design a new eShop, we make it thinking about the future, so what we build today will work perfectly for the next 5 years.
  • easy to customise: weather you buy the a new smartphone, latest high-tech car, or a new eShop, they all have one thing in common - ease of use. Our eShops are built around that concept so you’ll always be in control of your online shop.
  • affordable: happy clients are long term clients, that is why, our business partners will always get the best value for their money. We make sure that our work quality exceeds your expectations!
eShop portfolio - some of our clients

Mobile devices conquered the world ! If your business model involves reaching customers online, then mobile users need your focus. The only way to do this right, is by developing your own mobile application.

Why develop a mobile app?

AND Consultants is here to bring your utility, social or game app idea to life. We develop apps for any platform out there - iOS ( iPhone and iPad apps), Android (Google Play Apps), Windows Apps.

With more than 5 years of experience in mobile development, we know how to offer you complete solutions, from strategy to development. Weather you need an utility app that will help your sale team achieve more sales, or you want to launch the next Apple Store game hit, our programmers and designers are here to make that happen.

Mobile application development services

  • Strategy: before building app’s architecture and start programming, we focus on your objectives and expectations. At the end of this process we will know exactly weather we launch the app on Apple App store, Google Play or Windows store. Also at this stage we write down development and marketing road map.
  • Design: our User Interface / User Experience designer experts will make sure that your app’s design is complaint with today’s standards and trends.
  • Development: our programmers together with software architects are the ones that transform vision in reality. Our development team learn test and implement daily the latest technologies in order to deliver the best solutions in a efficient timely manner.
  • Mobile apps marketing: we know how important this process is, that’s why we collaborate with marketing experts around the world, so you can rest assure that your app will be in top search results.
  • Mobile app porting: AND Consultants offers app conversion services for your existing mobile app, to other platforms like Google Play or Windows Mobile, in order to maximise your return of investment.
Mobile Apps portfolio

Starting with competition analyse and finishing with marketing campaign deployment and monitoring, we know how to best deliver your company message to the right audience!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) its the most important part of any online product - website, eShop or mobile app. Pay Per Click marketing campaigns are vital to any business that wants to connect with their clients at the right time in the right place!

Our goal will always be the same - maximising your ROI (return of investment) - weather we talk about selling products or services or generating new leads for your business, ROI will be the most accurate indicator of our efficiency

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responsive web design

Today there are more people searching online for products or services, using mobile device, than people using the classical desktop devices. Due to this major change, Google start penalising any website that is not mobile friendly - responsive , starting with late 2014. That is why, any eShop or presentation website have to be compliant with this standard.

Ease of use / customisable

Any website or eShop designed by AND Consultants are easy to operate by almost anyone. You don’t need advanced technical skills, but you need to know your way around a computer. Using our “user manual” you will be in full control of your eShop/website at any time.

SEO optimized (ready)

Our SEO experts will always guarantee that your company is represented in a logic and consistent way, across all major search engines. We respect Google, Yahoo and Bing’s SEO rules, so that your new website will be indexed in no time. Starting with industry and competitors analyse, and finishing with monthly website traffic reports, our SEO team will know how to position your company on the top of any search engine result pages.

Dedicated hosting

Our clients own their hosting accounts. You can own as much storage space on the latest SSD hard drives, so you can be sure your website(s) are running 24/7, offering incredibly fast loading times for your clients. AND Consultants will only install and update security protocols

Free online marketing

We know that online marketing represents the “black hole” for almost any small and medium company that wants to operate online. That is why, for the first month, we’re going to create, run and monitor for free your company’s online marketing campaign. Weather you need Google Ads, Youtube ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter or LinkedIn Ads, we’ll know how to create marketing campaigns that will get you the best return of investment rate.

Social friendly

Everybody knows that social media is where all the action happens. That is why we learn daily how to best control all social media platforms, so your company will be in the middle of the action weather we talk about Google Business Pages, Facebook Business Pages, LinkedIn business profiles or Youtube channels. All our website “talk” to all these social platforms so you can rest assure that your clients will pass the word out there in no time.

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